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How to avoid acoustic feedback when having heavy vocal effects during a live performance?

The trouble with using compressors live is that they magically transform themselves from devices which reduce the peaks of the performance into ones that turn up the quiet bits. Your three compressors ...
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simple pedalboard, amp, AND DI box hookup?

You really want a 'power soak' or attenuator, something that lets the amp 'speak in its own voice'. They usually have a DI point & speaker emulation. The trouble is, most of them are really ...
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Timeline examples or learning resources for audio levelling of live event dialogue and audience reactions ? (e.g. stand-up comedy)

I have just found a broadly relevant example - though film-set based (hence lacking audience reaction elements) - in one part (as per the start-time in the link) of the following Youtube presentation: ...
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Can I Record 4ch in a zoom H4n with my setup?

The main issue with this is going to be the gain setting for the external mic. The H4N is expecting stereo input, but you are using dual mono with two different mics which are likely to have different ...
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Di-Box, Audio interface or Both for live performances in theatres?

I suggest you get a DI box with a transformer. That kind of DI box handled three problems in one: Getting the correct level of signal: most signals from stage to mixer expect and preferr microphone ...
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What is a low-cost home-brew way add basic stage monitor with PA system?

Your only real solution, which is also cheap, is just to upgrade your mixer. It is not expensive to get a powered mixer with monitor outputs, and a couple of cheap wedge cabs. You really don't want ...
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Reproducing effects on recorded track, in LIVE performance

Are you planning on running through a minefield with only your hands over your ears as protection, or do you want this with maximum resilience? Maximum resilience needs two identical computer rigs &...
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It's impossible, how do I get a lightweight, portable, loud busking amp/PA?

This is a very difficult question to answer. It comes down to "how loud is loud enough" which is the same is "how long is a piece of string" So let me try answer in a generic way. Sound Pressure ...
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How to remove hiss in Adobe Audition?

Michael Hansen Buur pretty much answered this question in his comment, or at least gave a shove in the right direction. But having the tools is only a small part of successful noise removal. There ...
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Need to know what I can use to sustain vocals or a vocal note live?

I use a TC Helicon voice live play pedal and use the hit button control. I set the vocal effect with a plate reverb and have a quarter note delay set on the the Hit Button control. Going into the ...
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