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Lapel Mics - Avoiding Spill from Multiple Speakers

The main issue when speaker B spills on speaker A microphone (be it a lapel or not) is the relative level between A and B on A's mic. By reducing the sensitivity of the transmitter, you are not ...
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Voice recording marking software

Pretty much any DAW or audio editor will let you insert markers on the fly during playback, and you can reposition them with sample accuracy. Off the top: Reaper, Ableton Live, Wavelab, Nuendo, ...
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Two-person interviews in a noisy room: microphone recommendations?

Dynamic mics like the Shure SM58 are really good at rejecting (i.e. cancelling out) noise from behind the mic. They are used extensively by singers at concerts who need to hear their backing music ...
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What's the right (low cost) equipment for a two-person in-person interview setup?

One setup that I've found to work pretty well is an all-in-one field recorder, such as a Zoom H6 or a Tascam Digital Portastudio. Such devices can often be found for cheaper than the cost of a full ...
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What's the right (low cost) equipment for a two-person in-person interview setup?

Have you actually TRIED recording with a phone in your conference room? If you identify exactly where is the microphone and hold it around 8 inches from the subject's mouth you may be surprised how ...
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Both sound good - how to pick?

You can measure distortion, especially at the edge of the useful envelope (ie see which one distorts first as you increase the volume of noises you want to record) or sensitivity (does one pick up ...
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