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Female Sound Designer/Engineers/Editors????

I am a 18 years old female french student in audio engineering, and well... We girls aren't so numerous (we are something like 10 for 180 students). For my part, I want to work for live performance, ...
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Are Drop Mics a good option for capturing audience questions in a theater style meeting room?

I think you'll struggle. With only two fixed mics your best speaker will be 8ft from either side of the room, on the front row. Mic maybe 6ft above them so no-one accidentally catches one on the way ...
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Sound Design/Sound Engineering Masters in Europe

Have you looked into Iain McGregor's course at Edinburgh Napier University, UK? Although he is listed as a lecturer conducting research into sound design and listening, there may be other courses ...
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Female Sound Designer/Engineers/Editors????

An interesting thread! I'm a female composer in the UK and also do sound design as part of my compositional work. In fact, a lot of my work is hard to categorise as music or sound design - it lives ...
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