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Shotgun Microphone to isolate sound of golf club striking golf ball

Shotguns help, but they do not 100% isolate anything. The main way to "isolate" a sound in the field is with distance. You want to get as far away from undesired noises and as close to desired noises ...
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How can I mount a Shotgun Mic to a Desk?

here is a short side-note before I answer your questions: the NTG4+ is a shotgun mic, it might not be the best choice for indoor use (it has an interference tube: it works great outdoor for making the ...
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Is this normal for an NTG2?

According to its data sheet, the microphone consumes 2mA when using phantom power (at 48V) and 0.15mA when using battery power (at 1.5V). It also has an output impedance of 250ohm on phantom power, ...
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How do I get the signal from shotgun mic for cameras into audio interface?

I can only make a guess at this, because I cannot find any detailed info on how the mic's pinout is designed. The interface documentation says the interface's mic jack socket is wired tip hot, ring ...
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Why does the Marantz PMD661MKIII appear to limit amplitude?

i have the 661mk3. same scrissor-like limited signal effects and distortion as described(661 internal gain at -18db: brickwalling occurs at -7db with a 12mV/Pa (‑38 dBV) sensitivity condenser mic).....
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Will shotgun microphones pickup sounds like birds chirping outside?

Would a shotgun microphone pick up bird sounds? Yes, depending on how quiet it is otherwise and how close you are to the subjects (birds). Nature recordists more typically use parabolic dish ...
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Recording location dialogue

Supercardioids are most commonly used for interior dialog recording, due to their excellent side rejection, and pretty decent rear rejection characteristics. Cardioids and hypercardioids, with their ...
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