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How to create trailer voice effect

The harshness of the compression is similar to API's boxes. It might be one, although I never can remember the number of model. The cool "damaged" sound are most certainly an artifact from (very ...
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What kind of sound effect was most likely used for the sleeping drawer in Sesame Street?

You asked "What kind of sound effect was most likely used..." I'm pretty sure they used a cartoon sound effects set, specifically the beautiful Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library and I'm ...
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How to choose and connect graphic equalizer to adjust TV sound through external amp

An Optical to RCA adapter will work fine. There will not be any noticeable latency. Just make sure your amplifier takes 1/4" or RCA input.
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How to keep loudness of SFX with TV mix?

Look up Ebu R-128 you need to be using the 'LUFS' scale for delivery. Different normalizations are required depending what continent you're on.
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Sound effect to end a music track on a TV promo?

Hire a composer to write music that fits. The extra polish that results can count for a lot.
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loudness metering

All of these options others have listed here are great. Just wanted to add that iZotope's Insight plugin is also excellent for monitoring True Peak loudness in accordance with EU broadcast standards. ...
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