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DAW on Win VM - what to expect?

I run Win & Mac VMs a lot on my Mac [Mac Pro 5,1 dual 3.46GHz Xeon 6-cores] with very few issues as regards general speed & peripheral connectivity. It's fast enough to play GTA 4, even, at ...
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Audio interface stopped working (windows)

I had the same problem with my Mbox 3 pro, and concluded that there's a conflict between drivers when you use your interface for both windows and your DAW. Install the original drivers, try disabling ...
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Sending PC audio through mixer sounds messed up

I know I'm a little late here, but I just ran into the same problem and was trying to find a solution. It turns out that I was pumping a stereo signal into a mono input and then listen to the stereo ...
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Reducing latency on MIDI-over-USB Keyboard

I solved this by making keyboard it self is the only output device, Synthesia will use the synthesizer in the keyboard which is a hardware thus is faster. and u will hear the sounds on the Keyboard ...
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DAW on Win VM - what to expect?

I use an iLok (original and now version 3) passed through from Ubuntu 20.04 host to a win10 guest using KVM. I pass the ilok device itself (not the usb controller, although that is generally ...
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Stream Windows audio over the network

I've altered a program found on internet and created WLStream. It enables you to stream audio from a Windows output device so Pulse Audio will be able to play it back on a Linux host. The ...
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Does setting "full-range speakers" duplicate the lower frequencies?

Usually with 2.1 systems, the stereo signal goes to the sub and is then distributed to the relevant speaker. The sub will also process the entire stereo signal and play the low range frequencies ...
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Any tool to easily record audio from movies?

Use VB Cable. I had the same issue, and could not seem to get my audio apps to record what I'm hearing in windows. This driver installs a new input/output which you can use to capture the audio ...
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Cubase is blocking audio for other audio application

There is also another option (I am using Cubase LE AI 10). Go to Studio -> Studio Setup. Then in the devices list choose the driver you are using (On my computer it is Generic Low Latency ASIO ...
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Software to emulate audio devices that can mux input and split output

I finally found solution for this that works and it's free (open source). You can even hear the audio source from three different audio outputs. My hardware setup: PC with Realtek Audio (Windows 10) ...
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Do USB Audio Interface XLR Inputs show up as separate devices on Windows over the USB connection?

It depends on the driver. I used to have a Behringer UMC404HD and that showed up as 2 devices, it had 2 channels combined into each device (channel 1+2 and channel 3+4). My TASCAM interface for ...
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Stream audio from Windows to macOS with low latency

@ OP Isn't this what you need? vban receptor app
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Stream audio from Windows to macOS with low latency

You need to use Dante Via by Audinate.
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Voice recording marking software

Pretty much any DAW or audio editor will let you insert markers on the fly during playback, and you can reposition them with sample accuracy. Off the top: Reaper, Ableton Live, Wavelab, Nuendo, ...
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How to adjust playback volume of Cubase on Windows

Set yourself up a master group channel in Cubase Route everything into this before routing that to your output devices channel The master group channel now becomes the max level output of your mix, ...
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Audio input echoing in audacity, but not from the direct line

So, I figured it out, pretty dumb mistake but it might help people down the line. The issue wasn't the recording, but the playback. I for some reason had a setting enabled in my Realtek Audio manager ...
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Can I record sounds of every program running separately, Windows 10

Virtual Audio cable (with some configuration) lets you separate channels based on digital sound source. Note: This has not been updated in a couple years so it might not work on 10. Virtual Audio ...
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Windows 10 crashes when producing but only in the evening

I'm unable to comment, so I'm giving a few suggestions here: Most importantly, my first suggestion is that this be migrated to SuperUser as that is a much more appropriate place for this question. I ...
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