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How can I read a Garage Band file on a USB stick with my PC?

The right way to do this is open the project in GarageBand and export each track as its own audio file. Then you can import the audio files into a PC-based multichannel audio editor and continue ...
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Is it possible to record the audio output of a pc directly on a usb device?

Yes, this is possible. It's unfortunately not straight-forward, nor will it be cheap, but it is do-able - except not via USB. I can give you one example of having done this myself, but you're not ...
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What should be done before playing old cassettes?

I've never heard of the 'sticky tape' phenomenon affecting anything other than specific Ampex 456 tape made during the 80s… & boy, have I baked some of those over the years ;-) Old cassettes may ...
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What should be done before playing old cassettes?

I play all kinds of tapes from the 70-90 no issues here. I think they will still work flawlessly. Tapes are build like tanks :) You definetely won't rip them off at the end. I tried to rip one by Hand....
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