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You might want to apply compression to individual tracks, track groups (rhythm+bass) maybe even the whole mix. Compressor is widely used to narrow down dynamic range which, among other things, makes signal percievably louder, as it allows to raise the volume level and, consequently, percievable loudness at initially more quiet segments, without overdriving ...


OK so I finally worked this out. Select the audio region to pull-up. F7 for "Direct Offline Processing" Add a "Time Stretch" effect. Select a ratio of 96 (96%). This will shorten the region by 4% Use an algorithm of Elastique-Pro-Time. Apply the effect and Export region at the new length.


You can get a decent mastering volume this way.. Turn your speaker/monitor down and get ready to explode Put in first slot "Maserati GRP Stereo" plugin and click the master button and adjust the compress knob, at this stage avoid sounding obvious. You need room for next push. Put in the next slot " IM Pusher" below is the ...


No, there is no standard setting to use to make something sound good. Compression is used to reduce the dynamic range of your sound and makes it have less difference between the softest and loudest parts by reducing the rate at which the signal gets "louder" (the ratio) beyond a given amount of signal (threshold). The proper way to compress (or if you ...

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