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What do you call the problem with this audio from cassette tape, and how do I fix it?

This is a problem that occurred during the original recording. Sounds very much like the tape capstan rubbers are slipping and the tape is not being kept up-to-speed during the recording. There is ...
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Improving digitalized tape recordings - more than what I've done

Wav files are better quality but unfortunately converting a compressed .mp3 to a .wav doesn't improve quality. I would interpret the "blanket" over the voice to sound like it's muffled which means ...
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How to repair a torn DAT tape?

If the break is at the beginning (or end) it might be easier to simply discard the short piece and attach the tape to the nearest hub. Some people over at have shown how to do it with ...
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How to repair a torn DAT tape?

Cut properly and under magnetic tape (non magnetic area). You can stick with transparent thin tape. We used to do this with audio and video tapes.
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