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It is a constraint of the OMF format and/or the video editor it came from. One of the first things I do is move them onto stereo tracks in Pro Tools. In fact I have a set of template sessions, so I will open the most appropriate template session, then import the OMF into my template onto new tracks rather than open the OMF directly in Pro Tools. Then move up ...


The way i work usually is that i open the OMF in a new session based on the template in pro tools. I separate and clean the OMF like sending all you sfx to your template sfx tracks or taking two mono tracks of the same thing and putting them on a stereo track etc... Afterwards i delete all unused tracks and i do a "save copy in" and rename the project ...


There is no difference between both, it's just a way of working. I do both.


So you open a pre built template first and then import the omf. That's the way I would do it but I have seen a few on line tutorials open the omf first and then import the template. I was just wondering is there any advantage in doing it that way.


What I do is go to import session data, select copy audio from source media. Then, select source tracks i want to import to my working session. PT automatically select all tracks for you so, be careful to de-select unwanted tracks before hit OK. One more thing. Make sure you check HIDE tracks before save copy in and DON"T forget to remove unused regions ...


I don't think it really matters what you do first... I have done it both ways and it worked fine.

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