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Is it possible to record the audio output of a pc directly on a usb device?

Lets say we have a wav file - 96000 hz sample rate. And lets say we play this file. Is it possible to find something like an external soundcard/ specialized usb dongle that could automatically record ...
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How can I read a Garage Band file on a USB stick with my PC?

hey I have a garage band file on my USB. how can i transfer that file into a format i can listen or perhaps even better, edit, on my PC. Note that this is after I plug it into my PC not on the mac.
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What should be done before playing old cassettes?

My friend and I have a collection of cassettes from the 70's and 80's, some of them irreplaceable. We're planning to make digital copies of them. I remember from my studio days that old reel-to-reel ...
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Transfer recording from 4 Track Tascam 246 from another model possible?

I've been searching the net to see if it's possible to transfer some old recordings I did from a Tascam 246 4 Track recorder from a different 4 track unit? One hurdle is that the speed was not ...
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Problem with Mounting Compact Flash from Sound Devices 702 to OS X [closed]

I've been having a weird problem with my Sound Devices 702. It's less than a month old. Basically, the Compact Flash card I use (Kingston CF 8GB 133X) mounts very inconsistently. When I first got the ...
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Transferring work between DAWs

When transferring between DAWs with OMFs or different facilities without your usual plugins, what procedures do you take? Just trying to gather ideas on how to work on design and mixing of some short ...
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Moving Nuendo Project

Hi, I had a students come in and try to dump a Nuendo 4 project on to the MACs in my department and all was well until he realized that all his automation was not included in the OMF. Is there ...
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OMF file size for Mac to PC transfer

Pretty soon I'll be starting audio post production on another feature film. The video editor will be using FCP on a Mac and I use Nuendo on a PC. Most of my work is for commercials and other short ...
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