fight club's mid air collision is one of the best. [youtube]UAj8_G9tF0k[/youtube] castaway - also epic [youtube]IyOu9xCNMK0[/youtube] dark nights Bane plane heist scene was the best scene of the whole film. (no youtube there, sorry)


Wow, "Irreversible" I'm curious and want to go back and pay attention to the sound that you are talking about but I really don't want to see that movie again. I was really surprised with the sound design of the show HANNIBAL, specially that first episode on the first season.


I haven't seen this film but after watching a short screening of this scene at film school, I kind of want to. I like this scene because watching and listening to it made me feel really uncomfortable, it's just the way I imagine when I'm on a plane, I feel very paranoid thanks to doco's like Aircrash Investigation haha. The one in Cast Away is quite cool as ...

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