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Which acoustic spectogram shows higher quality of audio file?

What you are asking is impossible to determine from a spectrogram. Spectrograms indicate frequencies present, not the quality of the audio. There may be loss of fine detail in one that would barely ...
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Which acoustic spectogram shows higher quality of audio file?

Best audio quality is difficult to assess objectively. What you can say from the given audiograms is (as you mentioned) that N° 3 includes more high frequencies, which is usually considered better. ...
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When a timbre actually "change" on playback?

This is simply the way that the brain processes sound information. It's exactly the same as listening to a violin in a dry anechoic environment and then listening to the violin in a concert hall. You ...
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Adding a tweeter seemed to also increase bass response

I think this is off topic and will be closed but… the addition of higher frequencies won’t have an effect on the bass response but, if everything is as you say, the part of adding another speaker that ...
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Question about the Haas Effect

His wording is confusing, but he does mean that the two channels, the original and the duplicate, should be panned hard left and right. The whole point of using the Haas effect is to maintain the even ...
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