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What synths and pads are those, and where to find?

The question of "what library do they come from" is nearly impossible to answer, since there are thousands of libraries out there and many of them overlap sonically. I can't tell you every detail ...
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Oktava or Audio-Technica for Omni Ambience Recording?

Oktava MK012 have a reputation for being not as quiet as most similar microphones. Both the electrical self-noise and the mechanical handling noise are weak spots in the Oktava's reputation. If I had ...
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Sony PCM D50 vs PCM M10 ( internal mics)

"Head to head" internal mic recording test of Sony M-10 vs. D-50. I have owned a D-50 for about 8 years, purchased the moment it came out and used about twice a week. I did have a period of non-use ...
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How do you design a cricket sound?

I'm pleased to announce that I've just published a new tool called the Cricket Chirp Tool, as well as some videos on this topic of Cricket Chirp SFX. An extensive written tutorial is found here on my ...
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