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10.8 is a very polished OS but not all of its bugs have been ironed out. 10.6.8 is the last iteration of a still very mature OS that hasn't got the latest and greatest software you most likely wouldn't need. The performance of both, regarding audio, is roughly the same. However the stability of audio software that relies on older APIs (Pro Tools and Logic ...


I find my video mic more suitable as the ntg 2. the ntg 2 has less output and is more noisy. Uf you want to upgrade buy the ntg3 and a seperate mixer/recorder an sync afterwards with plural eyes.


Be sure that MENU -> IINPUT -> 1/2 LINK is set to "OFF"


If in the UK... The main reason would be if you want to work in Channel 38 (which is the new designated band for radio mics) a license fee should of course be paid for this. Otherwise if they are G2 Band E (look on the back) they still will work legally for the future in the Channel 70 unregulated band - I wouldnt worry about it too much if channel 70 works ...

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