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Can differences between high quality audio formats be noticed on low quality headphones?

The short answer is "No". The long answer is: I did a study in university to find out if people can, as some people say, notice the difference between different audio codecs and different bit-rates of ...
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Using RODE lav mics

On finding Dolby On's recording files, the support page Where is Dolby On stored says its tracks are kept encrypted in app-specific storage until you use the "Share" feature to export them. ...
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Determine whether Dolby Atmos file is channel-based

For eac3, look for JOC or Joint Object Coding. In Dolby Reference Player, you should see Dolby Atmos: Yes which means this is object-based audio. For AC4, note that all (if not most) of the sources ...
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How many channels should a Dolby Atmos movie have?

Dolby Atmos adapts to the actual number of speakers available. The sound is not transferred as channels, but as "objects" placed in 3D space. I believe the limit is 128 concurrent "...
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