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H4N as USB mic makes voice high pitched

I had this exact issue for ages on MacOS, audio was high-pitched & had intermittent silence. The fix was to make sure that the Audio Rate setting on the H4N was set the same as the driver's ...
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Why do some XLR connectors take batteries?

Yes, microphones like the AT899 give you the option of using internal battery power OR phantom power (from the XLR). Yes, microphones like the Rode Lav require phantom power without the option. ...
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Can Zoom H4n record on the onboard mics and line inputs at the same time?

Yes, the H4n has the option for 4 channel recording, which uses both external inputs and the onboard mics. This will generate two separate .wav files, one for external and one for onboard, although in ...
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Hear what I'm saying to Zoom h4n pro

I believe it is on page 71 of the manual: Input / monitor / On. No extra equipment needed. ( Disclaimer: I have not used the H4n ). https://www.zoom.co.jp/sites/default/files/products/downloads/pdfs/...
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PC speaker 3.5 mm stereo jack to XLR on Zoom H4n Pro

Sorry, but this is wired about as wrong as it's possible to do:\ You're running stereo into balanced line, then splitting the balanced line & hoping to get stereo back. That is not going to happen....
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Noise when I don't speak

It sounds like what you need is a noise gate. There are several (even free) VST's out there that could achieve the result you are looking for. You could either record your audio into any DAW running ...
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How to check if an audio file is mono mixed?

If I understand you correctly, what you really want to know is just if your stereo file has the exact same signal on the left and the right channel. If that it what you want to know you can phase ...
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Recording instruments on Zoom H6

The reason for the distortion is the high output level from your digital piano - you need to turn it down so it is as loud as possible without distorting, so it doesn't overload your input stage on ...
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Can I Record 4ch in a zoom H4n with my setup?

The main issue with this is going to be the gain setting for the external mic. The H4N is expecting stereo input, but you are using dual mono with two different mics which are likely to have different ...
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Rechargeable 2 tracks audio recorder

There are two main issues to consider when dealing with your project : recording duration power supply Let's say you want to record continuous 24 hours audio on two tracks and that every 24 hours ...
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What is the requirement for a XLR mic that works with H4N Zoom?

The H4N supplies phantom power, so that means you can use basically any microphone you want. According to the specifications you can have 48 or 24 volt, or have phantom power OFF. Because "lapel" ...
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H4n recorder volume problem

You need something to separate the send audio (you) from the received audio (the person being interviewed). This is done with a "hybrid" adapter. For example a device like the JK Audio Autohybrid. It ...
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