For the sound of dog I actually normally just use a kind of heavy-duty gloves I've epoxy-glued paper-clips on. I was gonna try other things as well when it was still just gaffed on, like pieces of horn and different types of wood, but truth be told I found this configuration to be absolutely spot-on for what I needed instantly! For the sense of weight, I've ...


I've found that most of the best sound designers for film and games start with real animals and insect vocals and layer and manipulate from there. Just to let you guys know, I have a HUGE collection of unusual creature vocs that have been used on many many well known games and movies. And since they can be used in so many different combinations and ways of ...


If you realy want a monster use horse and other animals: Pitch them down, use granular stuff on them, vocode them with other animal sounds. Remove bottom end a bit if it gets to bass heavy on extream pitch shifts. at the end you cna alos use eq-notch sweeps or formant filters to give some more definition. That could help if you want to make them growl. ...


I agree, I find those sorts of sounds challenging too. I've had some success with close micing my hands running over a few days worth of stubble on my chin. Gives a kind of creeping tentacle like sound. I read about that somewhere. Of course you have to watch your breathing.


I always liked the hipass tapping on desk, and i love making some weird insect like sounds with my mouth and pitching them up and stretching. I usually will try things like tongue clicking, fluttering, or (sorry to be gross) getting some liquidy noises.

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