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Why do reversed sounds makes us feel scared?

Some thoughts: Reverse speech has the non tonal afterbreath placed first, making it sound like whisper. Reverse speech is generally incomprehensible and sounds alien, so ends up in the general ...
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How do you make a jumpscare sound effect?

Audio for jump scares is usually designed to support what is happening on the screen at the time. This means that, without more information, anything here will be abstract at best. In making a horror ...
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Why do reversed sounds makes us feel scared?

Adding on Michael's answer, there is an effect which makes you feel uncomfortable, but could be related to no.2. Like when a slow melody is played but the next note has no relation to the melody. It ...
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How Can I Make Haunted House Ambient Music?

You can create the wind with a noise that you filter with a high pass filter and then with a low pass filter with resonance while you change the low pass frequency constantly. You can create the ...
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What is this screeching noise?

It's the sampled scream that plays in the very beginning. It's pitched up, or rather played through a sampler instrument which would map the sample to multiple notes on the keyboard. It does not ...
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