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How would YOU design the sound of fingernails on a floor?

Specifically, the sound of an animal/deranged human/creature of some sort skittering and clattering around on a stone floor? My application is for a large weighty creature, but your answers can ...
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Insect monster/creature type sounds

Hi, What are your favourite techniques for creating insect type monster/creature sounds? I mean like larger than life, big chittering monstrosity type things. I think this is one of the areas I ...
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4 answers

Zombie Voice How To?

Hello, I am working on a film that have a lot of zombies. Do you have any advice on making the voice of the zombies (they are non actually speaking)? I tried to make few sounds that are not bad, (...
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Cartoon spider feet -- Any ideas?

Making sounds for a cutesy iPad game for little kids learning to read. At one point there is a cartoon spider that runs across the top of the screen. The producer has requested a sound for this. I'm ...
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Shadow creature sounds

I have to design the sounds of a creature made of shadow for an horror short film. The sounds will be melted in a cemetery background. We only see it for 1 or 2 seconds at the end, so the sounds must ...
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Create a powerful Creature

Im working on a short trailer that involves a big dragon. I've been thinking alot about how to capture this big massive beast and i'm completely out of ideas... For the footsteps i've put together ...
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Creating Hurt/Scared Creatures

Scenario: An Orc or Goblin creature you've spent a long time creating a palette of great angry, hostile and antagonistic effects for from different animal sources (dogs, seals, lions, bears, etc.) has ...
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