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The question is a bit vague. There are lots of books about film, and quite a few books about film sound. But most won't mention any differences between Europe/US other than in anecdotal form. There really is no "magic" difference. The main differences between big "Hollywood blockbuster type" films and typical European films is budget, number of folks ...

1 This one covers the whole process, and as mentioned Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures is very practical.


check out a great source of foley info


For #1: 'The Foley Grail' by Vanessa Theme-Ament


1) I need books on the subject - what do you suggest to buy? I'm already reading The Sound Effects Bible by R. Rivers which is cool, pretty pratical approach and easy to understand (but I'm also searching for something more technical and scientific, if exist) I think David Sonnenschein's "Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and ...

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