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How can I as beginner learn Sound Design cheap?

The best advice I can give is to make a lot of mistakes. And learn from them. So, if you really are serious about this: start today. Select one animation, any animation already there, download it to ...
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Sound Design: water, river, streams etc using a synth

guess I've found a good starting point for bubbling: pink noise --> plugin called "Hysterisis" --> preset ASD_Juicer but also pink noise --> plugin called "Molekular" --> preset Sheperd_Sortie ...
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What is the best microphone type for recording natural outdoor sounds?

What is needed for recording outdoor sounds: a high sensitivity low noise microphone a windjammer, shock-mount, stand or boompole a field recorder with low noise mic preamp If you want to make ...
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Sound Design/Sound Engineering Masters in Europe

Have you looked into Iain McGregor's course at Edinburgh Napier University, UK? Although he is listed as a lecturer conducting research into sound design and listening, there may be other courses ...
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Sound Design: water, river, streams etc using a synth

I'm kinda late, but maybe I can add some things here and there. When I go for more watery sounds, I often use this tools: (Ableton) Vocoder + as many bands as possible + turning up the gate threshold ...
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Want to create golden snitch wings sound effects

Put some glass cleaner on a mirror and rub with a towel
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Gunshot SFX Design: Should I use the actual model gun sound?

I think firstly, Ah Keh, it depends on how well you want your work to be respected and appreciated (and how much the job pays!) but also, it depends on what the director wants. But these days (and ...
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Do any sound designers who specialize solely in UI sound for products (apps, wearables, etc) exist?

Henry Daw is ex-Nokia, ex-Microsoft and has set up to do exactly that. His studio is called Oblique Sound Just plugging a mate :)
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Do any sound designers who specialize solely in UI sound for products (apps, wearables, etc) exist?

Boom libraries do one. I've not heard it but all their libraries are great.
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How to make this detuned stab

Take 2-4 saw oscillators and detune each by 2-4 cents - except the first one. For the envelope, use a medium decay with slighty longer release. Add a ~2.5 s plate reverb Locate the root (e.g. the tune ...
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What software do you use to catalogue your recordings and sound fx?

The market leader for this sort of thing is Soundminer, but it's quite costly. The next best thing to that is Basehead. What you're looking for really is a database management tool that uses metadata ...
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