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3 answers

How To Create a Net Launcher Sound

I need some help folks, I have to create the sound of the net launcher, in fact near from the one in the "Fitfh Element" of Luc Besson. It's a big powerful gun who fires a net over the oppents, So It ...
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Good opportunity to add to your weapons library (Kickstarter closing in a few hours) [closed]

If you're wanting to add a few guns to your sound library, you may want to consider pitching in a few dollars to this firearms Kickstarter. Even a pledge as low as $1 will get you access to the full ...
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Scenes with Great Gun Sounds [closed]

I've been doing a lot of hand gun sound editing and design lately and was going to look at a couple of movies for reference. But I'm having a surprisingly hard time coming up with films with great gun ...
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I'm looking for WW1 weapon recordings

Hi, I'm looking for WW1 weapon recordings. I've tried all major soundlibraries ( SI, HE, etc.) but i can't seem to find these : MAUSER MG08 MAUSER G98 CHAUCHAT (Machine Rifle Model 1915 CSRG) ...
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Lavalier microphones for various uses

Hello, I'm looking for a lavalier microphone which can make recordings of rifle, car and other vehicles... I know the DPA 4060 but I found on the Internet countryman C3, Rode lavalier, AKG, Audio-...
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