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How can I simulate the microphone response of a bullet's reflected shockwave?

I am doing a project on gunshot acoustics and I need to simulate a realistic microphone response of a supersonic bullet for the same. I have to include the shockwave, the muzzle blast and their ...
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Scenes with Great Gun Sounds [closed]

I've been doing a lot of hand gun sound editing and design lately and was going to look at a couple of movies for reference. But I'm having a surprisingly hard time coming up with films with great gun ...
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Suggestions for gunshot libraries

Hey folks, i am currently working on a (no)low-budget student short movie project which will be shown on a public event. Unfortunately its a short action sequence. Unfortunately because there is ...
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Design for a handgun fired on a high altitude passenger jet

I'm working on a film that takes place on a passenger jet that is modified to fly at high altitudes. black ops kind of thing. in the script, the pilot fights off a cockpit invasion by firing off a ...
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Feedback on special gun set of sfx

Greetings all, My team has created a gun sfx library recently. Here is the demo, but I do have something specific to ask: I use a ...
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Tips for cutting bullet bys

Hello, I'm currently working on a short film with a lot of gun fighting. I went through and cut all of the gun shots and now I'm working on bullet bys. It would be great if you guys could share any ...
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Game Sound Design - fast repeating guns

Hey Guys Just wanted to pick some peoples brains on how they arrange high rpm gun sounds in a game engine. Previously I would work out how many bullets are fired per second (say 10) then I would ...
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Sound Design: Inner Mechanics of a Gun

Long time browser... First time getting involved... I'm working on a film that has specific notes, from EVERYONE involved, to include the sounds of the inner workings of a hand gun as it's fired. I'...
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Recording vintage firearms

I have a date with some WW2 guns and an armorer and am looking to brainstorm some unconventional mic choices and/or placements to capture something special. I'll be traveling with some heavy hitters ...
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UDK and Doppler Bullet Whiz-Bys

Interesting workaround needed. Apparently UDK does not have the greatest of doppler effects. In fact, I don't even think this is possible (conventional DSP manner) in the UDK engine. HOWEVER, I did ...
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Moving LPF's in UDK

Anyone work in UDK much? If so, I have a question for you. If a guy shoots a gun on one end of the map, on a basic concept, the player on the other end of the map should hear it differently. This ...
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