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Proper Order to Apply Multiple Effects - Cheat Sheet

Does there exist a cheat sheet that showcases the proper order to apply effects? For example, if a vocal track needs reverb, compression, and amplification, which order do I apply those effects? ...
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Tuning a house of worship by referencing through headphones

Actually I have many questions here. I'm quite new to live signs reinforcement and I have no formal training in it and I want to learn more so pardon me if anything sounds stupid. We've recently ...
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Sending word clock to camera from sound device 722

I am interested in understanding the concept of sending word clock from a sound device 722 to camera (Arri Alexa and Nikon D800). What we are planning on doing is sending a reference from the sound ...
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Scenes with Great Gun Sounds [closed]

I've been doing a lot of hand gun sound editing and design lately and was going to look at a couple of movies for reference. But I'm having a surprisingly hard time coming up with films with great gun ...
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DVDs with Original Theatrical Mix for Reference?

First time poster here: I've just begun to learn post-production sound, and I'm at the mixing stage for a short film that is going to be sent out to some festivals. I'm mixing in stereo at a decent ...
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Nature on the islands near Thailand

Hello all, Looking for some references regarding types of nature found on the islands near Thailand, some of which are resort locales and others, I assume, are mostly uninhabited. I realize that ...
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Good examples of internal conflict in film, using sound design

I am staring work on a full length feature, and one of the main characters is prone to anxiety/panic attacks. Can people help me compile a quick reference list of their favorite uses of this sort of ...
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