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Gunshot SFX Design: Should I use the actual model gun sound?

This may be related to the question I asked before. Is it necessary to use the actual gunshot SFX for that model of gun in movies? I mean I understand that we should add something for gunshot SFX to ...
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Silenced gun sound

Has anyone an idea about how to create the sound of a gun with a silencer fitted? The type of sound you can hear in movies. I heard that's it's not how this type of gun sound in reality so I'm ...
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How can I simulate the microphone response of a bullet's reflected shockwave?

I am doing a project on gunshot acoustics and I need to simulate a realistic microphone response of a supersonic bullet for the same. I have to include the shockwave, the muzzle blast and their ...
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Good opportunity to add to your weapons library (Kickstarter closing in a few hours) [closed]

If you're wanting to add a few guns to your sound library, you may want to consider pitching in a few dollars to this firearms Kickstarter. Even a pledge as low as $1 will get you access to the full ...
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