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Automatically locate part of waveform in long audio file using another waveform which is a small part of it

I have a very long audio file (10 hours). I also have a shorter audio file (10 seconds). The short audio file is a small piece of the long audio file. I.e the long audio file in some place contains ...
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How to find a specific sound in the audio track if i have a sample?

So i have this file which is all talking people and beep sounds. The beep sound is always the same and i need to mark every place where it plays. It would be great if it's possible to do with Audacity....
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Locate similar audio files on your system based on spectral content?

I am looking for an OSX editor software that can take an input file and find similar sounding files on my system based on its spectral content. Any suggestions?
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How can I search online for sounds according to their waveform (or spectral) shape?

I did come across this site, but the results here are finite and few: wave shape generator Is there are better way to search for this? Or anyway, a better search engine?
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A desktop app that lets me search for music (in an interesting way)?

A while back I came across this amazing Mac app that let me search for music by hovering my mouse over clusters of spatially organized files. As you hover, you'd hear snippets of the music (long ...
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BaseHead vs Soundminer

Hello all, so deciding on what to buy, i think soundminer is more of a industry standart? The thing is i would like to add metadata to my own recordings, to make clean libraries, also i need good ...
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Library Search Speed

I feel like I sit and wait a lot while searching through my library. Anyone else get the feeling they spend just as much time, if not more, waiting to audition sounds as they do editing them? Im ...
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A good value sound library search engine for the Mac?

I'm looking into having a sound library search engine for my sounds. My organised folders and filenames work to a point, but I can see soon it will get a little too much. I've looked at some of the ...
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