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Synthesizing Locomotive Engine Sounds from Videos

I'm working on a project to equip model locomotives with sound boards. I'm in the process of designing the board at the moment, and the idea is to allow users to load their own sound files onto an SD ...
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FMOD Studio/Wwise vs Unity 5/UE4 Audio?

All right, I'm a bit confused in general about audio middleware. I'm a composer/sound designer and I was under the impression that you need middleware like FMOD to implement audio/music into games. ...
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Mic-ing cars without capturing Dialogue

I have a scene where we had to ADR the actors for their dialogue in a car. What was crucial was that the scene involved the car going faster and faster and the passenger talking louder and louder. ...
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Anyone know similar software like audiomotors?

Anyone know similar software like "audiogaming audiomotors" ? This stuff very good but too expensive for me. Thanks the answers.
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Steam engine sound for fantasy vehicle

I have a friend building a fantasy steampunk car for burning man. I'd like to create sounds so it sounds like a steam engine. He's got pistons attached to the wheels so it looks like a train. I ...
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How Did They Do That?? Vol. 6: Jetsons Spaceship sound

Anyone got any ideas on how they made the spaceship engine sounds in 'The Jetsons'? It can be heard here at 13s: I am ...
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Sound editing - car misfueled, what sort of sound?

Hello! My first post here, but Ive been a long-time background user. I have a scene in a film I'm working on, and a car is mis-fueled (petrol put into a diesel car) I dont drive (yet) and I havn't ...
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What is your favorite car sound?

I have been navigating the archives of SSD and noticed that a lot of people have posted queries about their favorite sounds from films. I am always fascinated with how we make these sounds and what ...
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Creating a car engine sound

I need to create a somewhat cartoony sound of a small vehicle (truck) engine idling, speeding up, and coming to an abrupt stop. Short of recording a vehicle, is there any way I can synthesize a basic ...
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What advice do you have for creating the sound of a trolley motor?

So far I have created the rumble of the cart and have squeaks of the wheels on the track. It's the electric whir of the motor that is giving me trouble. I need the sound to be versatile as the ...
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SFX For Strippers

Hey All, Next week we will be beginning tracklaying for a new series called Strippers. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with women taking their clothes off but actually cars being stripped and ...
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Car tyre & surface recording without engine sound.

Car tyre & surfaces recording without engine sound. I want to record different surfaces in average speed (Gravel, tarmac, mud, water, sand, etc...). Any ideas ?
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BaseHead vs Soundminer

Hello all, so deciding on what to buy, i think soundminer is more of a industry standart? The thing is i would like to add metadata to my own recordings, to make clean libraries, also i need good ...
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Vintage Car Models

I've been looking for a recording of a '68 Plymouth Barracuda or something close that has a v80 engine, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Have any of you guys recorded this car and are willing to ...
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A good value sound library search engine for the Mac?

I'm looking into having a sound library search engine for my sounds. My organised folders and filenames work to a point, but I can see soon it will get a little too much. I've looked at some of the ...
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