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I there a name for an effect that periodically fastens the signal?

Lets say that I take chunks of signal S at a frequency F and I apply curve C accelaration of each chunk indepently so that each chunk starts whith the original speed and then fastens up (or down). Isn'...
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Faster multitrack mixdowns in Adobe Audition CC

A 1-hour multitrack session takes more than six hours to export as a multitrack mixdown. I suspect pitch shifts and effects play a role. How can I speed up my multitrack mixdowns and is there a way ...
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How to slow down playback speed of an audio file in Power Media Player--in Windows 10

This is an audio Police Interview and I am trying to identify the questions and answers. I am trying to make a document following a transcription type of method. This has nothing to do with music, or ...
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Recording piano part for rehearsal at different speeds

I can't afford a rehearsal pianist and want to explore whether I can record the piano part and play it back at various speeds for rehearsal purposes. I'm not very technologically advanced but is ...
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Reel to reel tape speed is a little too slow [closed]

I have recently got a nice Sony TC-645 Reel to reel taperecorder. It seems to be in a generally good condition. Everything works. But: the tape speed is a little bit too slow. When I play music at 7,...
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How to fix a recording which have been sped up from the recorder using DPC speed control?

In my Sony recorder I accidentally switched on DPC speed control. I recorded for more than an hour (I can't remember exactly) but the output file is about 5 minutes. It sounds like a file which have ...
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How do you cache an audio (podcast) platform to playback immediately? [closed]

I use SoundCloud and Pocket Casts to listen to podcasts and both start playback almost immediately when I click on a show. Any idea on how they cache to achieve this?
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How to manipulate speed of playback music during live show?

I'm a sound engineer for the play my school is doing. At one point, which the director has warned me could vary each night, the music that will be playing out of my laptop and into the mixing desk ...
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Racing games: HOW?

Hello dear sound friends, I'm currently working on the sound of a IPhone game that has both Bike and Car races. It's a very simple game and my structure here wouldn't allow a recording session as ...
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How fast are you editing an Audiobook?

I just completed editing my first professionally produced audiobook. It was about 130,000 words and I completed the project and submitted it on the deadline at 6 weeks. In my own personal post-mortem ...
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Recording actors on roller blades

Kicking myself for not asking this here sooner, but I'm starting on a film which will involve a number of scenes where both cameras and the actors are on roller blades. This poses some challenges for ...
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Industrial Fan Speed

Hello. I have a scene w/a fan whose blades slowly pick up speed and then slow back down again. I have a great sound effect of a giant fan cutting air, but I can't match the speed of the effect from ...
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Library Search Speed

I feel like I sit and wait a lot while searching through my library. Anyone else get the feeling they spend just as much time, if not more, waiting to audition sounds as they do editing them? Im ...
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