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Automatically locate part of waveform in long audio file using another waveform which is a small part of it

I have a very long audio file (10 hours). I also have a shorter audio file (10 seconds). The short audio file is a small piece of the long audio file. I.e the long audio file in some place contains ...
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Using home cinema speakers with desktop audio interface

I would like to match four speakers left from an old Philips LX3600D home cinema system with my Komplete Audio 6 interface. When I test the levels with crocodile clips I get a very low intensity sound ...
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Add modal resonance to voice over

I am working with actor video where he unfortunately recorded on-screen in a room and off-screen in an almost anechoic space. While I have been able to get rid of a lot of the frequency differences ...
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Wav file matching

Is there a way to find / match two same recordings from different sources by analyzing the waveform of selected sounds. I have to find same recordings for reference purposes but nothing is labeled and ...
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Making dialog appear "distant"

I have some dialog that i want to match into the soundscape to be a background voice. (turning it into Walla basically) Since it has been recorded like a closeup VO i am wondering what tricks / ...
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Matching line in/line out levels

I recently asked about the general setup of our Talking Newspaper recording studio (Undestanding a recording studio configuration). From the answers given, it seems that without buying extra ...
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Is there a keyboard shortcut to scroll through matching field recorder channels?

i did a quick google search but haven't had any luck.. just looking for a command that will let me change the field recorder channels of the selected clip. this would speed things up for me a lot. ...
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Zoom H1 unmatched mics?

Hi, I got a H1 a week ago and have tested it a little since then. I'm really happy with the noisefloor and the sound of the mics. But as I have an zoom h4 (the old one) and have had problems with ...
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How do I make "sound booth" sounding ADR sound natural?

I recently completed a short film that needed a full dialog re-recording. The only space we were able to find was in a musician's studio with a sound booth. It sounds good as voice over, but for ...
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Turning over ADR

I recently had an ADR session and turned it over to the production company. The original production sound was quite echoey and had a bit of a tail on the audio. I gave the company 2 raw mics and one ...
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