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Guitar pedals + sound card: What's wrong with the combination?

When I asked a question here where I also described my setup, there were two comments that suggested that there was something wrong with my setup. Which is like this: Eventide Space (reverb) and BOSS ...
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Sending bass from VST to bass amp

Our keyboard player plays bass on keyboard. This is going through MIDI to a Steinberg UR22 interface and is then hooked up with a standard Kontakt 5 libary to create bass sound from the MIDI notes. ...
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Do I need a DI box to record guitars with a USB Interface for re-amping?

I am currently searching if I should use a DI box to record active electric guitars for re-amping. I currently have a M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB interface. I am planning to record guitars at home and ...
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Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 to my Bass Amp. How to connect?

I want to modify a bit more my bass sound by using the amplitube VST before sending it to my amp. The scarlett 2i4 has RCA outputs, and my bass amp (Ampeg BA108) has a CD input (RCA) and effect loop ...
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How to create the sound of old antique style recordings?

What are some other ways you all go about antiquing recordings? Things I have been experimenting with Izotope vinyl boscomac The cornet reaktor ensemble flexing individual words in logic flex time ...
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