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Guitar pedals + sound card: What's wrong with the combination?

When I asked a question here where I also described my setup, there were two comments that suggested that there was something wrong with my setup. Which is like this: Eventide Space (reverb) and BOSS ...
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Imitate sound of waves

I need to create algorithm for sound of waves. So I imagine it should be a white noise with doppler effect. However I understand doppler is just change of frequency. But white noise have all the ...
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Sound of Magnetism?

I was wondering what that typical hi pitched whine is that usually is used to represent magnetism? I'm looking to make a metal object sound as if its being drawn to another larger one. Any ideas would ...
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seeking prison fx and ambience libraries

I'm on a feature that takes place exclusively in a prison. I have all the big libraries that have prison fx... I've had them forever and am feeling like I want something new. Anyone got any good ...
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What do the acronyms DX, FX, MX stand for?

I've been using the abbreviations for quite some time now but I don't know why they are called DX, FX, and MX. (Well, FX I can understand.) For me, it's practical because it shortens the track name ...
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Do you have recordings for cycling - eg - tour de France

Does anyone have FX/recordings of cycling races/crowds/bike pasts etc, (exterior not interior) that they would be willing to trade, or even sell? I need a ton of stuff - am going to be recording lots, ...
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FX Mixer Duties on a 2 man mix

I have been focusing and training to become a DX/MX mixer of a two man team and have recently been given the opportunity to audition for an FX chair. I want to go for it because I feel to be a great ...
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