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Guitar pedals + sound card: What's wrong with the combination?

When I asked a question here where I also described my setup, there were two comments that suggested that there was something wrong with my setup. Which is like this: Eventide Space (reverb) and BOSS ...
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Instrument to sound card and output to guitar amplifier

I want to know your opinion on if it's possible/feasible to input an instrument (guitar, bass...) to a sound card and then output the signal to an actual amplifier (guitar, bass...). Let's suppose the ...
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Can you tell which percussion instrument this is?

(I didn't find the song on youtube neither on soundcloud so spotify it is.) I just want to know which percurssive element is this, so i can find a sample of it or a library. The sound plays at 0:30 (...
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Which instrument is this?

Could anybody please help me to identify an instrument? I guess it is some kind of reed or wind, like an harmonica or mouth organ but the sound is more nasal. In the following video it can be heard ...
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hello I am about to start a project at university where I have to write an underscore for a video game cinematic trailer. Just wondering what you guys think of Omnisphere for this project or are ...
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Find The Samples In VST Instruments

Many sample players like Kontakt have special files (nkx) that house the samples in which it uses within a DAW. Anyone know how to get to the actual wav files? I've heard this is possible.
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