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Multi core batch volume gain

I need to process a large number of mp3 files in order to boost volume. I am currently using MP3Gain which is fine but slow. I need any software that does the same but take advantage of the multi ...
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How do controllers fit into your design process?

Do you use physical controllers for designing (not mixing) sounds? Perhaps you use a keyboard, or other more exotic type of controller? What do you control with it? Is this to speed up the process or ...
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Sound Design Creative Process - Inputs and Outputs

I'm interested to understand how people view the creative process that is Sound Design. Specifically, how it relates to Production Design and Audio Post Production activities. Also - what are the ...
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Raw Audio Edit Process

Hey everyone! I've been trying to refine and improve my sound editing process/skills and have been working from Ric Viers 'L-I-S-T-E-N' process from 'The Sound Effects Bible' (pg 187 for those of you ...
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Dialog Editing Compression?

Just wondering if any of the dialog editors out there use any compression while editing dialog? I normally edit with the dialog flat, but was thinking that slapping a compressor might make make any ...
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When asked to work on a short, what is the proper process?

When you are asked to work on a short, what is the proper process of communication between the director and sound person? Do you ask for scripts or treatments and outlines? Are most films written ...
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The bright side of compressed time schedules?

I was just reading this interview with Don Sylvester about "Knight and Day." In it he says that the schedule was so tight that they were cutting effects on scenes that were still being shot?! I know I ...
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Worldizing and reamping experiences?

More for fun than anything else, i don't need to do it right now, but i was wondering if anybody here does it or ever tried it, on what kind of sounds? and what kind of playback system, as well as the ...
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