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Robert Altman, how to capture sound like in his movies?

I'm sound designing a movie and in conversations with the director, Robert Altman emerged. I know that Altman was a director that was revolutionary in terms of sound. He was one of the first ...
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Asked to use copyright material instead of original

I've been working on a project (within "friends" = no payment) that consists of one short-movie with loads of sfx and at least 3 webisodes, producing every single task related to sound. Recently I ...
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Sound Designer's Commentary

In a similar format to a Director's Commentary - does anyone know of any films where the sound designer or re-recording/dubbing mixer gets a commentary to talk through what they've tried to achieve? ...
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"But there aren't any of [insert object/animal/sound/etc] in the movie." How many indie directors say that and what is the relevance?

So I've read it and now I've heard it. How many people have heard such a thing? What does it mean (other than the obvious) and what can you say? Might it also mean that these things can be lower ...
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Disagreements with the director.

What do you do when you are "forced" artistically to do something all your experience and advices have told you not to? Do you grin and bear it? Do you try to present it to him/her with hopes he/she ...
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When asked to work on a short, what is the proper process?

When you are asked to work on a short, what is the proper process of communication between the director and sound person? Do you ask for scripts or treatments and outlines? Are most films written ...
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