I need to process a large number of mp3 files in order to boost volume.

I am currently using MP3Gain which is fine but slow.

I need any software that does the same but take advantage of the multi core capabilities of my processors so I could process various files at the same time.

Looking for something in Windows, though Linux would also work.


What OS?

A quick Google of MP3Gain tells me it hasn't been updated in 5 years, there's likely to be a better solution…

iTunes, for instance, can gain-balance to some extent. As MP3Gain claims to not re-encode, then it's not doing any compression, merely tagging playback volume in the same way iTunes does.

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If it's a large number of files, then going parallel is very easy and can be done with any tool (though it won't always be efficient): just let the OS run multiple processes independently!

For instance, with the simple standard GNU tool,

find ./ -name '*mp3' | parallel mp3gain -g 2 
                               # not really a useful mp3gain command, dunno how you use it...

which will work only when you can actually process each file on its own.

If you need to process entire albums (directories) as-one, you have to change it to

 find ./ -type d | parallel -X "find {} -name '*.mp3' | xargs mp3gain -g 2"

and so on, depending on what exactly you want to achieve.

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