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Clip Getting Cut Short on Export with Adobe Audition

I have a simple UI double-beep from Freesound: and am attempting to reverse it for a programming project. I drop it in a blank Audition, and do ...
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How to correctly do sound mixing for both 5.1 surround and 2.0 stereo and creating a DVD

Hello, Firstly I know nothing about sound mixing. I have produced a short film which a sound mixer has created a final mix for the film in 5.1 surround sound. I now need to create a DVD that plays ...
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Need good examples of riverside films

I'm actually working on the sound design of a short film. There are 2 main characters, a young married couple. The man is fly-fishing in a small river, and his wife is embroiding on the bank at the ...
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When asked to work on a short, what is the proper process?

When you are asked to work on a short, what is the proper process of communication between the director and sound person? Do you ask for scripts or treatments and outlines? Are most films written ...
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Backgrounds for a dead city?

Hi guys (my English is failing me big time today for some reason! so please forgive me and bear with me if possible) I just started working on a short (30 min) settled in a (present) post ...