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Why do microphones need padded storage cases?

Most pro microphones I've seen are usually carried in huge padded storage cases. Huge, as in, way bigger than comparable camera bags. I don't really understand this as the microphone itself is covered ...
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Backpacks for Field Recording

Hi Guys, Im looking for a backpack while field recording, So this is my setup - Rode Blimp, NTG3, SD MixPreD & Zoom H4n + I carry a Nikon D3100 with a 50mm, 18-55mm & a 70-300mm lens. Any ...
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Recorder/Mixer Bag

Hi everyone, Im in need of a decent bag to carry my Zoom H4N, PSC Mixer, Headphones, Spare cables etc. I know that portbrace do plenty but my budget wont stretch too much right now so i was wondering ...
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What non-standard gear is an important part of your kit

Let's leave the recorders, mics, boompoles and windscreens out of this list. What unique pieces of extra gear do you always have in your kit, and why? For example here are two items from our kits at ...
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Bag combo for a field recorder/mixer

I'm looking into buying a Fostex FR2-LE and already have a Sound Devices MixPre. Does anyone know of a bag that would hold both the recorder and mixer? I looked at porta brace but couldn't find what I ...
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What are you using for waterproofing?

If you are taking your recording gear in rainy climates or large amounts of water, what sort of waterproofing techniques are you using? Waterproof bags? Anybody have any sound devices wetsuits? ...
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Portable mic stands, laptop bags, bags for mics? (equipment for a travelling recordist)

Hello. I'm trying to keep my recording setup as efficient as possible. I don't have a car so all my travels will be on foot, by bus/train, or by bicycle. My budget can't stretch to getting a ...
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How to get organised...

Hi all, I know there are a few posts already discussing kit bags, but I'm wondering if anyone out there really has found the perfect bag yet? Organisation has to be one of the most important aspects ...
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