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Making an internal microphone waterproof

I am incredibly new to audio and was wondering if you guys could help me out. I am trying to find a way of keeping an enclosure watertight whilst picking up audio using a digital surface mount ...
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Water resistance microphone for an outdoor kiosk

Hi looking for a microphone to be used in an outdoor kiosk. Until now we've been using this one: But it is as now out of ...
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Can I put a powered amp inside a water/air-tight enclosure?

For a semi-permanent outdoor installation I need to waterproof a powered amplifier. (We opted against marine amplifiers for audio-input quality, and power-supply reasons) What happens if I put a ...
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water resistant mic and recorder

I'm doing some equipment research for a friends surfing doco. I need a lapel mic and a recorder as small as possible to be sewn into a surfers rash vest. A waterproof lapel mic I've seen is the ...
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Recording sfx during sprinkle (rain)

What measure should you take to protect your mic if you are interested in catching sound in the rain? The pop filter is all I have and I am not venturing out into the moisture with only that thing. ...
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Waterproof covering for microphones

So, this is kind of an embarrassing question as it alway seems to raise eyebrows. I'm looking at trying out some underwater recording and I'm looking to find out your recommendations as to which ...
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What are you using for waterproofing?

If you are taking your recording gear in rainy climates or large amounts of water, what sort of waterproofing techniques are you using? Waterproof bags? Anybody have any sound devices wetsuits? ...
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