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Lightweight Quality Field recording package?

I'm looking to upgrade some of my equipment in anticipation of doing some serious recording during an upcoming trip of mine. When I work in the theater, I use my zoom, which is great for that ...
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Travel tools for freelance gigs

When you're hired to work in another studio/stage, which tools do you bring with you? Plugins, hardware, mouse, templates, sound files, mikes, entire computers... And, how do you transport them? iLok,...
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So, who's been to China and what should I record?

Dear Audiophiles, I'm embarking on a trip to Beijing very shortly and am wondering if any of you have any tips or recommendations for places of sonic interest, as I hope to come back with a ...
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The Bare Minimum

With having applied to the master's program in Edinburgh I've started thinking about the gear I'm going to need to have with me. Even if I don't get in, I've been feeling a little over-encumbered ...
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How do you wander about with your Handheld Recorder?

This might be a stupid question but I have a hard time dealing with it though, I use a Zoom H4n with a dead kitten windscreen I want to take it with me everywhere I go but I find it a little to big to ...
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Tim Prebble's mic stands.

Anybody know what these are called? I really dig the reverse-folding legs, and the fact that they look like they weigh half a pound at most. In fact, they look kinda like re-purposed cheapie music ...
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Portable mic stands, laptop bags, bags for mics? (equipment for a travelling recordist)

Hello. I'm trying to keep my recording setup as efficient as possible. I don't have a car so all my travels will be on foot, by bus/train, or by bicycle. My budget can't stretch to getting a ...
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Tips for traveling with audio equipment.

Hey all, I'm flying somewhere soon and I'm bringing my equipment along to record some wonderful opportunities. I have a 722 and a Neumann 191 and I really don't want to check my babies if I don't ...
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Travelling with gear (customs)

So far I have never declared or had issues on arrival but as I'm getting more gear, I'm getting a little apprehensive when going through customs. All this expensive electronics could amount to a ...
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How do you insure your gear? Or do you?

I recently took a trip to Hawaii and decided to bring some of my recording gear with me to record some ambiances, whales and other things I don't get the chance to hear in Southern California. I went ...
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