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Using a bluetooth headset with aux support on a PC [closed]

I recently got a headset(Boat Rockerz 510). Its a bluetooth headset and has AUX support so that's how i use it majority of the time on my PC. I really need to get the mic working on the PC, so i got ...
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Surround sound on broken headphones?

I had a pair of clip-on headphones a while ago - this model I believe
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Headphones for film recording and mastering (music)

I need to buy a new headphone for film recording, but a good reference for editing and mastering music too. I have always used Beyer Dynamic DT100, very strong and closed, ideal for live recording, ...
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Can I use an AKG WMS40 wireless system to transmit a signal coming from a headphone jack?

I have an AKG WMS40 wireless emitter/receiver combo which I use with a condenser mic that needs phantom power and gets it from the emitter bodypack. If I use a minijack to mini-XLR adapter cable, can ...
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What makes a headphone monitoring amplifier so expensive? any tips for alternatives?

I was looking for some simple headphone amplifiers for translation booths, to give the translators the ability to adjust the volume of their headphones. No need for super Hi-Fi quality in a relatively ...
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Mixing - headphone translation?

Hey guys, So I don't know if this should be a concern, but it drives me crazy personally. So you've mixed your film and everything sounds great. It's a low budget short intended for the festival ...
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Headphone amplifiers for studio

Hello everyone, I am researching headphone amplifiers at the moment and have found some suppliers but since we are an educational facility, I am looking for a 4 channel out headphone amp that is ...
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