Hello everyone,

I am researching headphone amplifiers at the moment and have found some suppliers but since we are an educational facility, I am looking for a 4 channel out headphone amp that is quite rugged and will hopefully stand the impact of numerous students using it.

I am not looking at the cheap stuff but reasonable quality amps so that musicuans and actors can listen to feeds and playback.

Any suggestions based on experience?



I don't know any amps with four jacks, but myself I'm very fond of Violectric!


I have got the Presonus HP4 and I find it splendid.


I have the original Aphex headpod in my studio for several years. It is in a metal chassis and can really take a beating. It has 4 outputs the sound quality is good. Extremely happy with it, and will probably buy these for life.

Here is a link for the new model(which is assume is as good as the one I have): http://www.aphex.com/aphex-products/headpod-4-2/

Aphex supposedly made it because they were not happy about anything on the market at the time: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jun08/articles/aphexheadpod.htm


We use the Rane HC6s which works really well and is nice and clean.

You can configure the amp so that it is 1 in 6 out, 6 in 6 out, or any other combination.



Been using the Samson C-que 8 for years now. I've used it in the studio and also on location.

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