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Looking for (preferaby free) sofware that can pan an input signal while recording to a stereo track

To explain - I am an actor. I like to learn my lines by recording myself reading everyone else's lines on the right track, and all my lines on the left track. That way, on playback, I can mute the ...
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No VST rendering on Tracktion T7 Waveform 11 free

I'm using LABS VST instrument plugin on a MIDI track in Tracktion T7 Waveform 11 free. I'm working on Windows 10, on a ACER Aspire V Nitro Black Edition Laptop, native soundcard. I can hear the VST ...
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Mutli Input/Output mixer setup

I recently bought a mixer (Yamaha MG10XU) to go with my headphone/mic combo. I'm basically wondering how would one go to have a following setup. Right now Windows is using multi track thanks to ...
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Using a bluetooth headset with aux support on a PC [closed]

I recently got a headset(Boat Rockerz 510). Its a bluetooth headset and has AUX support so that's how i use it majority of the time on my PC. I really need to get the mic working on the PC, so i got ...
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Exported files are silent. Pro Tools First

I have a multi track session which has all the tracks recorded using smartphone and then imported the .wav files from phone to DAW. I have mixed and my project is ready to export. For the life of me, ...
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Can a game mouse or magic trackpad improve editing experience of Pro tools on Windows 10 desktop?

I am using Pro Tools MP9 on a Windows 10 desktop (please note Desktop, not laptop). The editing experience for panning and zooming is terrible using a regular mouse. I always miss the trackpad/...
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Mackie studio monitors cut out a second or two after turning on with mAudio interface and Windows 10

I'm having issues with getting sound out of my studio monitors. Today I bought a new M-audio interface thinking it might have been the problem because I thought maybe my other interface was faulty, ...
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Why am I experiencing sound drop outs with my audio interface?

I am using Steinberg UR22 as my audio interface, my operating system is Windows 10 and I installed the latest drivers from Steinberg's site. So I am experiencing these sort of lags or drop outs with ...
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FastTrack Duo Line Out with monitors as windows default sound device

I have a FastTrack Duo on Windows10 with the latest drivers etc. I have a pair of monitors connected on the 2 x Line Out 1/4" connections at the rear. It works fine for monitoring output with Cubase ...
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Does Cubase 8 Artist work well in Windows 10?

Does anyone know if Cubase 8 Artist work well in Windows 10?
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Condenser Mic - Constant white noise (hiss), can't get rid of it

I've been reading through the posts and learning a lot. Thank you all for sharing and helping! I'm new to recording and I just set up my recording system to do voice overs and audio books. Here is ...
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