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Credit/compensation to use design in sequel

I am a sound designer for theater and have a question about credit/compensation for past work. I designed sound for a production at a regional theater, and this year a sequel is being mounted. I got ...
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Credits in the eyes of LA Studios coming from the low budget world.

I moved to LA from Orlando a year ago and in Orlando I've done a number of low budget feature films, usually with a small team of sound editors, where I was primarily responsible for multiple jobs ...
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REBOOT: What makes you think YOU'RE a sound designer?

It has been 2 years since the last answer/comment on this thread. Time to restart the conversation and get some more answers to this VALID ON-TOPIC question… Although this thread has touched upon the ...
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Giving Credit on Royalty-Free Sound Libraries

I've recently purchased the Blastwave FX Starter FX royalty-free library, and used/edited/mixed some of its sound effects alongside my personally recorded ones in a game. I've read over the License ...
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How many jobs have you gotten from your IMDB site?

Those of you who have IMDB sites, is it worth it? Have you gotten job opportunities from it? Care to enlighten?
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Appropriate Film Credits

I've got an independent short film project where I'm the only sound person involved. I've had to do everything from pre-production to post. What would be appropriate for credit(s)? Is there a blanket ...
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