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Royalty free action music

I'm currently looking for some music for my action/shootout sequences in a video. Is there a website (other than that has a good collection? Many websites I searched have an audio ...
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Can you help make the biggest quality effects library ever?

I am a very enthusiastic recordist and wanting others to join, loads of people upload to freesound but the quality is often useless where as I am encouraging people to get on board and offer a small ...
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Abstract videos for sound design practice

Hi everyone, I am looking for some video content (preferably short abstract pieces) to put some sound/music to for my portfolio and for practice. Does anyone know of any on-line resources where one ...
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RFM Site Contract Dissolve

Hey all! On royalty free music sites - how does the composer normally remove their content from said site when he/she wants to reel their material back in? There has to be a contractual clause ...
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Free foley / sound effect sites?

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you might know good websites that offer free sound effects similar to I stumbled upon this few years back when I was studying in ...
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Giving Credit on Royalty-Free Sound Libraries

I've recently purchased the Blastwave FX Starter FX royalty-free library, and used/edited/mixed some of its sound effects alongside my personally recorded ones in a game. I've read over the License ...
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