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Music Production vs Audio engineering - Create my own music [closed]

I don't know whether this is the right site to ask. If not I request you to please redirect me to the correct stack exchange site. I have been playing keyboard for more than 15 years. I know the ...
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What's the best advice you've received early on that's helped you in your career?

I'm curious as to what little nuggets o' wisdom you've received that have really hit home with you and helped you in your life/career. Two that come to mind for me are... 1) P.M.A. - Positive ...
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Where to go from here?

I'm asking this question here because I don't really know any other sound designers, or where to meet them in person. I graduated in Music Technology from Kent, and then started working on short ...
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Research on independent / freelance sound designers

Hi all, I'm in the process of setting myself up as a sole trader for sound design services in the south east of England. I've been freelancing for a couple of years and operate a relatively humble ...
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Career advice needed (recent graduate)

Hi all, I am a recent sound-post graduate from Australia and I'm in need of some career advice. Since graduating in December, I have worked on a few external projects (one minimally paid and two ...
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I had to get an unrelated job. What can I do now?

Background to my question: I want sound to be my career. I'm in the middle of an associates degree in digital audio. I have some limited experience in the field and a decent amount of coursework ...
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Am I too old for sound design?

Hello everyone. I wanted to get your opinions about a very important decision in my life. I hope my question is not very off-topic for this site. I am going to be 24 in a couple of months. I'm ...
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Credits in the eyes of LA Studios coming from the low budget world.

I moved to LA from Orlando a year ago and in Orlando I've done a number of low budget feature films, usually with a small team of sound editors, where I was primarily responsible for multiple jobs ...
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Studying @ University... What Next?

Hello all, I have enrolled and commenced studies on a BA (Hons) in Film & Moving Image Production degree course here in the UK. I am 24 & will finish my studies at 27 years of age. The ...
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Sound Editors dilemma

I have been working (moonlighting) as a Sound Editor in NYC for 2 years now. (Foley, DX, FX and MX) I am working a day job and have been pretty lucky in that I can edit at night/weekends. However, I ...
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Pursuing a career in Game Audio Programming

Hi all, I recently graduated from a two year program with an Associates in Applied Sciences in the field of Recording Arts, (focusing in game audio). So far, I'm having trouble finding work and feel ...
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Looking to learn...

Hi everyone, Firstly, what an amazing site! I've only just discovered this place and have spent a good few hours looking on it, an amazing resource for information. Now, I'm not sure if this ok to ...
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What do you know about people who design audio equipment?

I'm just a student trying to figure out what to do with my life. While sound design is fascinating, I'm also interested in designing the equipment that makes sound design possible. Does anybody know ...
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Moving worlds within audio post

I work in the world of TV programming with reality, documentary & docudrama series work, lots of promos, some theatrical trailer work, and some independent film work. My current gig is as an in-...
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What's the best city for sound designers to start their careers?

I realize that you need to go where the jobs are in order to make it as a sound designer. I know New York and L.A. are up there, but what about Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Honolulu?
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