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How to choose where to sell my sfx?

This article I found today. I think that might be of interest. You what is your opinion about that? Selling Sound Effects: How to Choose Where to Sell – Part 1 Selling Sound Effects: How to Choose ...
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Fair royalties for a sound designer as a show tours

Hi All- First off, I literally started an account two seconds ago and am surprised I didn't find this site sooner. Happy to be here. Okay, so my question. I did a sound design for a small (and ...
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Rate of Pay for Services

Hi All: This is a great forum - I have learned so much, in the short time I have been a member. I am getting requests to do Sound Design work and people are asking me how much I charge. As a Novice ...
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How much should I charge for my music being used in a film

I was recently approached by a film producer and asked if I'd be happy to have my songs being used for their film (80mins). I agreed as it's a great way to promote your music. But they asked me what's ...
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Giving Credit on Royalty-Free Sound Libraries

I've recently purchased the Blastwave FX Starter FX royalty-free library, and used/edited/mixed some of its sound effects alongside my personally recorded ones in a game. I've read over the License ...
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Residuals for Sound Effects?

Hey guys, So I have done quite a bit of recording of voice talents. Many of them for sound effects I call "Vocal Effects" where they do anything vocal - walla, screams, laughs, breaths, etc. I have ...
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