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Fiber optic guitar, what is it and what are its advantages?

I'm not sure I can ask this kind of question here, but if someone understands the context I would be interested to know if they know more about it. In a fiber optic guitar, the musical notes and ...
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How to record string instruments at home for amateurs

My children play violin and cello. We sometimes make recordings for the grandparents or friends, often with piano accompaniment. These are just done in our living room with an iphone camera and the ...
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Microphone type for recording a string instrument in a very live room

Hi sounddesign community! (TLDR @ bottom. Also, If this is the wrong community to ask in, would you please direct me to a better suited place? Thanks!!) I’m a pretty amateur musician, and recently I’...
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What is the name of the instrument used in this song?

Does anyone know the name of this instrument used in this video at about 44 seconds into it? It almost sounds like a woodwind and string instrument combined together ...
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Playing Strings smoothly. Electric piano or non/semi weighted keys?

I'm a full-time pianist/violinist and producer. A stage piano or electric piano is based on a real piano where a hammer must be thrown at a string & there is a click to the feel of the key, which ...
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Trying to re-create a certain Kraftwerk sound

I've been trying to recreate a specific Kraftwerk pad sound - i thought it shouldn't be too difficult, but i can't seem to get it right. It is the pad sound you can hear in It's More Fun to Compute. ...
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How to create lush synth string sounds in Ableton Live?

I am new to Ableton but an old hand at Cubase. In Cubase there were a lot of great sounding lush synth string sounds out of the box similar to what you get in 1990s dance tracks.. The thing is I can'...
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Choosing a mic for laptop viola recording

My daughter will be preparing a solo viola recording to include with her college applications. We are hoping for good sound quality without spending too much money, and know little or nothing about ...
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Stringed Instrument Mics

If you could have 2 mics to record strings - anything from cello to violin to acoustic guitar - what would they be? In my opinion, I would probably go with a combination of small diaphragm and large ...
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