I've been trying to recreate a specific Kraftwerk pad sound - i thought it shouldn't be too difficult, but i can't seem to get it right. It is the pad sound you can hear in It's More Fun to Compute. Its a bit of a stringy sound, and i can hear it has been used as a chord of sorts. It pops out for the first time at 1m20s:

YouTube link to the track

I have a MiniBrute and several softsynth (Alchemy, most NI stuff and Tone2's Nemesis) and tried to get this string-like sound but for some reason it stays too.. well.. clean (or boring if you will :) ).

Any suggestions on how to set this sound up, where to start and/or what chords/keys have been used for this melody?

Cheers, J.

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I am familiar with the track Its More Fun To Compute. Kraftwerk, or more importantly, Karl Bartos, played Minimoog and ARP Odyssey synths. The best advice, if using a DAW program, is to find a Synth VSTi (virtual instrument) that will emulate those sounds (there are plenty of them , also free ones if you do not wish to buy one) if you cannot emulate the sound you require with what you have. I hope this helps.

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