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Setting in home ceiling speakers [closed]

Recently I bought a house with ceiling speakers set up in 6 rooms including the patio. The wires all end up close to the TV. So I thought of setting them all with the following requirements. Not sure ...
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How to record string instruments at home for amateurs

My children play violin and cello. We sometimes make recordings for the grandparents or friends, often with piano accompaniment. These are just done in our living room with an iphone camera and the ...
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Phantom Power Issue

Quick question about phantom power. I know while using full consoles, you want to make sure phantom is off, before plugging in a condenser mic, and the track is muted before turning phantom on, but ...
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Using home cinema speakers with desktop audio interface

I would like to match four speakers left from an old Philips LX3600D home cinema system with my Komplete Audio 6 interface. When I test the levels with crocodile clips I get a very low intensity sound ...
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Impedance for amp and speaker combo

I have a set of speakers rated at 6ohms impedance and handle 75W, but my amp says 8 ohms or more. Does this mean I need to buy a 2ohm resistor for each speaker? Or just not turn it up loud? Or play it ...
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Home recording / talent? [closed]

What do you guys think how long does it take to be able to produce decent electronic music? (including everything: arrangement,mixdown,mastering, etc.) Is there a need to be talented?
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Help setting up mixer and headphone amp

I could really use some help, I have a Behringer MINIMIX MIX800, Behringer MINIAMP AMP800, Audio-Technica BPHS1 Headphone Mic, running Windows 8.1. with a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio, a ...
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Bad to connect a different speaker in each channel of a stereo amp? [closed]

Will it damage the speakers or amp if I connect non-matching speakers to it? For example: a Paradigm speaker (7seMk3) to the left channel (it's tweeter doesn't work, but the 2 woofers are nice and ...
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Hi Fi quality Bluetooth player

I have a high-end hi-fi system (monitor audio studio 20se speakers, talk electronics preamplifier and 4 separate power amplifiers) and am wondering if there is a piece of kit available that will play ...
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Surround Sound is Louder Playing FM Radio [closed]

I have a surround sound that I use that's hooked up to my tv to listen to music through my laptop and play rockband on my Xbox. I have a white and red rca cable hooked up from the receiver to the back ...
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All-in-one CD-receiver vs. component receiver

I am looking for a music system for my living room. I haven't been really listening to the music at home for years (only going to classical music concerts), and now want to bring it back into my life. ...
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Using Digi 002 with Yamaha MG24

I am upgrading my home studio from a two channel mbox to the 002. I made a patch bay to go to the front of my rack for inputs (front vs back issue solved). In an effort to get the cleanest sound ...
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The sound of home

Hi I'm doing a sound design project on "the sound of home", and I'm stuck. The concept is based on (from an anthropologist perspective) the different classifications of what makes a home, and the ...
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